Aum/Om Is Universal

Universal….though not always recognized due to cultural and/or religious concepts of separation or ideologies (such as “There is only one truth and it is mine.”)

Paramahansa Yogananda gives a thought-provoking definition in the glossary of his book Whispers from Eternity:

AUM OR OM:  The basis of all sounds; universal symbol-word for God. “Amin” is used by the Moslems, “Amen” by the Christians and “Aum” by the Hindus. See Cosmic Sound.

COSMIC SOUND:  Om or Aum, the all-pervading sound emanating from Cosmic Vibration – the voice of all creation, or of God…

Blessings of Love and Light. May you find Peace in the Oneness of All That Is. May your meditation practice open your mind and heart to the sound of the Divine Presence within and without.

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