Whirling Rainbow

The image below is a photo of a card from the Sacred Path set designed by Jamie Sams, a Native American of the Wolf Clan. In her words, members of the wolf clan “are  pathfinders who share the knowledge of the way through the forest so that the path may be clear for other travelers. ” (p. 3 Sacred Path Cards)

From page 153:

The Whirling Rainbow  is the promise of peace among all Nations  and all people. The Rainbow Race stresses equality and opposes the idea of a superior race that would control or conquer other races. The Rainbow Race  brings peace through the understanding that all races are one. The unity of all colors, all creeds working together for the good of the whole, is the idea that is embodied in the Whirling Rainbow.

From page 156:

 When we invite total truth into our Sacred Space, we shatter the bonds of separation and illusion that create discord.




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