The Voice of Your Soul

“Yogi” tea bags have sayings on the tags. The one I used yesterday had this one on it:

 The voice of your soul is breath.

In the creation story in the book of Genesis found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible it says that God formed man from the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.

The presence of the living soul within us came from the breath of God, the Divine. The breath is the sign of life in living beings. When the soul or spirit, the life force essence, leaves the body breathing stops. Soul or True Self has returned to its Source, the Divine Soul, All That Is.

My Soul makes itSelf known every time I take a breath. When I breathe consciously and slowly, I feel my Soul and I know my Oneness with All That Is. I know mySelf & I come into the Presence of the Divine.


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