This Thing We Call God

This thing we call “God” that is everything and nothing…that is everywhere and nowhere…this thing we call “God” that is constantly defined and completely indefinable…that is eternally present and oh so unreachable…this thing we call “God” that is Oneness Itself and still divides us…this thing we call “God” that we cry out to for comfort and that we hope against hope is really “there” – whatever that means!

This thing we call “God”…transcends all of our definitions, names, imaginings.

So, I give up. I give up the need for definition beyond the catechism that schooled me at age 5 or 6. God is Love. And that is Everything, Everywhere, Indefinable, Eternally Present, Hope, Comfort, Oneness and all else that is needed, desired, imagined, or dreamed.

At the end of every hope, every dream, every definition, every imagining, there is only That Which Is…Love…Presence…that which we call “God.”

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