Many years ago, during a difficult time, I was talking with my son on the phone. As I told him what I was facing I said, “There must be a reason, a higher meaning,  for this happening and, someday, I will know what that is. Then I’ll know why I have to go through this.” He didn’t say anything right away and I grew silent. Then he spoke slowly and gently saying, ” Mom, what if there isn’t any greater purpose in this? What if this is just the way life is sometimes.” His words struck deep within me and I told him I had to hang up and think about what he said.

My children have often been a source of wisdom in my life. It took some time and the willingness to wait in silence to become clear about what my Soul was resonating with in the situation I just wrote about above. Didn’t everything have a deeper meaning & purpose, especially suffering? Wasn’t I supposed to always look for the higher purpose & meaning in what I was experiencing? If there wasn’t a higher purpose, how could I endure?

Except…how had I come to define my divine purpose in existing?  I defined it this way: I am a spiritual being currently having a human experience. I am learning how to be divinely human.

How could I possibly do that if I was in resistance to experiencing human life? Life as it is, with all its ups and downs, blessings and challenges. Life is what it is…and I am here to experience it. Sometimes there is no other explanation; there is only acceptance that, in this moment, this is what life is. It may not seem possible but this acceptance of the present moment, whatever it contains, brings peace. Hope follows peace because life also shifts; it ebbs and flows so this too shall pass and I will experience what comes next.

AUM SHANTI (transcending peace)


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