When I was younger, I was afraid of being afraid. As I ripened with time, awareness, and the willingness to learn, I discovered Fear as a Master Teacher.

Fear gets my attention, invites me to look within and become aware of what I am thinking and feeling, and Fear can lead me Home.

Fear shows me that I am being called to turn within and sit in stillness. In stillness I find mySelf, my Oneness with All That Is. In stillness there is peace. In stillness there is unspoken joy. In stillness I remember my Source and I rest in the Divine Presence within me.

Letting Fear come as a Teacher is not the same as being afraid or living in fear, being motivated by fear. Master Fear turns me within to that safe place where I know who I Am and Whose I Am. Once there, Master Fear leaves me to rest in the arms of Love.

Then I am guided and comforted by Love Itself. Then I live from love and compassion for myself and others. Then I know peace, clarity, and wisdom.



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