When Life Hurts, Reach Out

Call a friend to walk with you & share, receive support and encouragement.

Every time you cash a check, put $5 in an envelope and, when you have enough, schedule a therapeutic massage or a reiki session.

Do you know a Reiki Practioner? Call and ask for help. If it is a friend who sends reiki on the spot, take that person to lunch, send a thank you note or gift.

Go to a funny movie and belly laugh or hang out with a small child who giggles easily.

Call your church or a friend whose church has prayer warriors and ask to be put on the prayer list.

Let people help, support, and love you.

You do not have to walk alone but you might have to find the courage to reach out. How else will someone who loves you, or has the gifts to help you, know what you need?

Aum shanti. Transcending peace.

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