It’s All Within

My mother and her big brother were orphaned. My grandmother died when my mother was just six months old. My grandfather died less than six years later. A dear woman whose husband had abandoned her with two children took them in to raise them as her own. My mother was quite ill at the time and Katy, my Nana, would hold her in her arms by the wood stove to keep her warm. Then she would tuck her into bed and hope for the best.

My mother had no memory of her own mother, except for a vivid dream she had during that illness. At least she thought it was a dream. Her fever had broken and she awoke alone in the room. Katy would leave her before dawn to start the wood stove so the kitchen would be warm when the children woke up. Mom saw a woman standing at the foot of her bed and knew it was her mother. Her mother smiled and Mom felt safe and warm. Then her mother said

I didn’t want to leave you and I tried very hard to stay. Always remember that I am watching over you and, more important than that, everything you need is within you. I love you.

My mother passed this truth on to me by sharing her story with me. It was many years before I came to understand what that means. My mother couldn’t teach me what she did not know and yet she gave me Truth.

Everything I need is within me. Everything you need is within you.

Is this your Truth?



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