3 Untitled Poems from May, 1996

The Dreamer in me
Vision Clears
Pushing back
All memory
Of Shame
I do dream!
I see the
Heart of Man
Engorged with the
Blood of Potential
Light and Love
There is no limit
To Who We Are
Or What We Can Be
Except that which
We Ourselves Create

Speak Slowly
Gentle Warrior
Allowing Heart
to Guide the Way
Courage from the
Male Within
Take care lest
You overwhelm
Tempered Strength
Of Female Love
Let the Two
Become One
Then from the
Place of Knowing
Words of
Joy and Love

Silent Watcher
Deep Within
What is it
You so clearly see?
More than heart beat
More than blood
Deeply to that
Place of One
Silent Watcher
Be My Guide
Take me deep
Within True Self
Let Your Light
Shine through my Eyes
Light my Path
Until I see
Clearly, deeply see
You and I as One


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