When Hawks Fly

Where I now live I am privileged to see a large variety of birds. The most unusual are the feral parrots that talk endlessly and perform acrobatics on the phone wires. Glimpsing an owl now and then stops me in my tracks as I embrace its silence. But when Hawks fly…

I am absorbed into the elegance of motion on air. When they ride the currents above me in silent grace, I am called to remember the wisdom of looking at the circumstances of my life from a different perspective – a higher awareness. I am reminded to allow life to carry me now and then because it just might unfold in ways I cannot now see. Stepping back from a situation can broaden my perspective and heighten my understanding.

Watching a lone hawk ride the air above me takes me out of myself. In Native American spirituality, Hawk is the Messenger of God. Every time I see one, I know that the Creator, the Divine, is with me. I am transported out of the mundane and, for a moment, I am lifted on the wings of Love.

I cannot count the number of times seeing a hawk fly has touched my heart and my soul. I can say that each time feels rare and special and fine.


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