Aware Of Being Aware

It is possible to step back from your current state of awareness and become aware of being aware. How?

A simple example:

Take a stroll – not a power walk – without headset, etc. Begin by looking around and becoming aware of your surroundings. Notice the trees and your neighbors’ landscaping. See the sky. As your walk continues, become aware that you are noticing what you are seeing. Then, become aware of the awareness that you are noticing what you are seeing. Now you are aware of your own awareness; you are aware of being aware.

As you gently continue, you may experience the sensation of “watching” yourself take a walk. It is a sensation rather than a physical seeing of yourself and then one day you will realize you are aware of that level of awareness. You keep taking one step more back from your current awareness until you experience that you are awareness itself.

Yep, it’s a little weird when you read it but, when you experience it, you smile and sigh and think “Oh, this is what I’ve been moving toward.”

Aum shanti Aum, dear hearts.


2 thoughts on “Aware Of Being Aware

  1. I’ve written about Oneness before though not specifically with regard to subject/object. I get this, of course, I just haven’t used that specific example. Let me breathe this and we shall see what emerges. Thank you for commenting. Blessings of love and peace, catherine.


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