Lao Tsu on Nonduality

Why did I use so many words the other day?!

Simply see that you are at the center of the universe and accept all things and beings as part of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is one to yourself, you have understood the great truth.

I have shared this quote before…it merits repeating. With reference to subject/object, it can be said this way:

At the core of all life, the center of the universe, is all life, the infinite body. The subject and the object are one and the same. The subject is the object; the object is the subject.

2 thoughts on “Lao Tsu on Nonduality

  1. I am not even sure I understand it either (in the intellectual sense). I experience my own oneness with all of creation, all that is, in meditation when intellect and ego step aside. Because it is something to be experienced more than understood, it can be quite difficult to articulate. Perhaps this is why it is often “explained” by relating experiences. For example, when my son called me years ago after a solitary dawn patrol on his surfboard. He whispered as he described sitting on his board waiting for the waves to rise and having a dolphin surface arm’s length away and check him out. He felt completely at home and at peace in those moments; he was transported fully into the moment and nothing else existed. He was one with his environment; he was experiencing non-duality. It is those experiences when we think and feel “In that moment, nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed.”


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