U.N. International Day of Peace

Let it begin with me. On 9/11 I invited the students in all of my yoga classes to join me in sending love, comfort, and peace to those directly involved in the attacks, as well as to all of the first responders, families, etc. I kept reminding myself and them that the greatest gift we could send in that moment was the truth of our hearts: Divine Love. In order to do that we had to bring our minds into the moment and breathe into our own love and peace…we were not going to find that outside of ourselves. That is no less true today.

Let it begin with me. Will you join me today as people around the world stop and meditate for peace? Today, September 21, the United Nations invites us. I am inviting you. Keep it simple. Here is an example (you can read & record this on your phone):

Sit comfortably and let your eyes slowly close. Place your hands in a position that brings you peace – palms up on your lap, softly over your heart, or in namaste or prayer position. Become aware of your breath and, as you gently expand it into your chest and abdomen, scan your body releasing surfaces tensions and making adjustments to allow for ease as you sit. Allow your breath to settle into its normal rhythm and bring your awareness to your heart. Soften the belly and feel the spaciousness around your heart. Explore the love and peace that is your true nature and rest in that for several more breaths. Visualize peace as a soft energy that begins to ripple outward from the heart center just as water does when a pebble is dropped into a still pond. Let peace flow outward filling your home, your neighborhood, your city, state, and country. Let peace flow outward in gentle waves to our world, joining the waves of peace emanating out from every person meditating in the world today. Let peace flow outward until our planet is bathed in peace. Continue until you feel complete.

Thank you. Aum shanti shanti shanti. Aum peace peace peace.


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