Personal Meditation Practice

So, I have not been feeling satisfied with my personal meditation practice the last few months. How are you feeling about yours? I enjoy guided meditation and continue to use the one I have from Deepak Chopra ( for restful sleep. It is sitting in the silence that has not deepened and expanded for me recently…and I need that connection with All That Is that I experience in the stillness!!

So, here is what I have done to nurture my ability to meditate in a way that connects me deeply with the Divine Presence in All That Is:

First, I called a trusted friend and shared what I was feeling about my practice. As I shared, she quietly laughed, not quite to herself. As it turned out, she had been thinking about calling me to share the same thing! We both have been meditating and participating in spiritual communities for about 30 years and we feel stuck. We decided to meet and enter meditation together to see if we are compatible in this way, if our energies would blend and flow to support us together and separately in deepening our practices. As it turns out, we are very compatible and now plan to meet once a week for silent meditation.

Second, I visited the app store on my ipad and explored free meditation tools. There are many. I found one that times silent meditation that allows me to design length of time, tones for beginning and ending, as well as interval tones if I so desire.

Third, after having such a positive experience with my friend, I felt ready to renew my personal practice of silent meditation. I used the app for the first time this morning and it is a beautiful addition to my experience. I am excited about rebuilding my practice.

Fourth, I am reminding myself that life changes with the years. The challenges and blessings are different in each life stage. It is wise to evaluate and adjust my practices (yoga, meditation, exercise, food, etc.) to maintain balance and well-being accordingly.

May you be blessed today. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Personal Meditation Practice

  1. Wise words Catherine! Glad your adjustments are working for you. Thank you for reminder about making adjustments as our lives enter different stages. I tend to get complacent and comfortable with different routines and never pondered why they might need some tweeking. Makes perfect sense.Thznk you.


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