How Long?

Oh my! It has been 10 days since I posted a blog entry! What?! I m shocked at myself…and I know that I have been taking care of personal business that has required many hours on the phone and Internet. Wasn’t technology supposed to make life easier? Simpler? Quicker?

At any rate, here I am this morning being grateful for a new day and for more time to be with friends, whether in person, by phone, or via my writing.

I love you! I appreciate those of you who read what I write and are touched in some way by my words or the words of those I quote. May this day unfold for each of you with a high level of resonance with True Self and In harmony with the Love that you are and with the desires of your heart. May you know peace and may you be a source of peace in your/our world.

Heart-felt thanks to my teachers and their teachers.




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