In Walking Meditation

I walked in meditation this morning, after hearing of the increase in gender-related suicides as well as gender & race-related violence. Flooded with memories of Living in the Deep South during segregation, watching the mayhem of Kent State, seeing in person the body bags returning from Viet Nam, working to salvage homes in New Orleans shortly after Katrina, and the horror of the Twin Towers coming down, I noticed the deep shadows being cast upon the street as I walked under the giant oaks that canopy the streets here.

The sharp contrast under my feet was created by the coming together of light and dark. The darkness of black and white photography emphasizes the edges of the light. The still, quiet voice within me spoke, “Come into the reality of your Truth. Be who you are. Without denying this current human reality, live from the true peace of your Soul. In this way, you can live and speak your truth without becoming a part of the fear, despair, anger, hatred, and violence manifesting in this moment.”

I love you that are overwhelmed with might happen now.

I love you that do violence because you can and you think it make sure you powerful.

I grieve for the human family as I had hoped to never do again.

May I live the Truth of Who I Am rather than being drawn into even deeper separation. May the grief I currently experience only take me deeper into the Sacred Path that will eventually bring me Home into the very heart of the Divine.





2 thoughts on “In Walking Meditation

  1. Like you I too am ‘taken back in time’. I believe that it is vital that we live our peace knowing that like the great prophets, ‘The power of one plus God’ is a mighty force for good.


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