She Said My Name

Yesterday I spent several hours with my great-niece. She turned one recently and is one of the happiest babies I have ever known. She is walking now and quite proud and delighted with herself. She must have walked me around her grandmother’s house five times. The feel if her little hand in mine was a touch of heaven. We played with toys, read books, and spent a little time outside. At some point, she began to say my name – not “correctly” of course but it was my name.

My name is Catherine, as you know. My niece and nephew (her mother and uncle, twins) call me Aunt Cathie. This sweet girl’s version was closer to the Hawaiian name Kaki. The details don’t matter…she said my name. One of the joys of life is hearing a child say your name for the first time. Too sweet for words!

May you be blessed today with an experience of one of the true joys of life. May love and peace be yours today.


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