Between the Cells

Our physical bodies are composed of the same elements as the earth and sky around us. The four basic elements – earth, fire, water, air – make up our world and our bodies. Though there are not clear distinctions, I think of the body as symbolic of earth and fire, being hotter and more dense. I think of mind and emotions as symbolic of water and air, being more liquid and fluid.

It is said that there is more space than substance in the physical body. Science has shown that there is space within each cell and between the cells. Why then does the body not collapse in on itself? Because space does not indicate emptiness.

It is also said that the Soul or Spirit, the Divine Essence, dwells within the spaces of our bodies. We are imbued with the very Essence of the Divine, with Spirit. This is our True Nature, our True Self…that we exist on the Soul level, as well as the physical level, because the Divine gives and sustain life in all forms. The Divine within me gives this body, this  personality, this Soul its existence. And that will never change, even when I leave this physical plane, the Divine will carry me back into the fullness of Itself, my true home.

May you know peace, love and joy in all of the moments of your day.

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