True Friends Are The Best

I am retired now so I don’t think much about “going on vacation” because my life feels like a vacation. This week I arranged to see friends out of town, knowing that this heart of mine needed time with “my girls.”

These are women I know well, two of them since we were children. It is a joy to have friendships that endure and come to feel more like family than friends.

These few days have been exactly what I had hoped. Love and laughter has been flowing like the waters of a beautiful fountain. No need to throw coins in and make wishes on this trip! All my wishes have been fulfilled simply by giving myself the gift of being with people who love me unconditionally and who let me love them back.

Each of us is unique, quite different from one another. In my mind and heart we are like a fragrant bouquet of my favorite flowers….and we are so funny! Just ask us and we will gladly tell you what a kick we get out of ourselves!

Yep, nothing like spending time with sister-friends! 😍 May each of you be so abundantly blessed.


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