A Meta Blessing

Please offer this blessing to yourself.

May my mind and heart be open.

May I be here now.

May I know the wholeness of all that is.

May I continue to unfold into the Truth of who I am, finding my peace within.


2 thoughts on “A Meta Blessing

  1. “Finding my peace within.” Never have I felt this peace. I can not imagine what it must be like to abide in this peace. I have know God forever. I have been aware of His working in my life, but never have I felt peace. My humanity screams in my head. My heart cries for the rest of humanity. With the spark of God’s Love and Life in my soul, it should be easy to feel His peace. It is not, and I am so sad.


  2. Namaste Lee. I hear the cry of your heart, sweet sister. We will, of course, speak privately about this. The answer to your longing lies within your own Soul and in the communion that develops in the practice of meditation and child-like faith. I love you. Be comforted and know the shift will come. catherine


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