I Wasn’t Going To Write Today…

…then I read Lee’s comment from the 15th and here I am. I did not sleep particularly well so I trust the Divine to guide and protect you all from any unnecessary ramblings!

It sounds trite to say that a lack of peace is based on thinking this world is all there is. It is true, however. Well, we know that, right? Like so many things we can acknowledge something as true – there are other universes, multiple lifetimes, etc – and still live so caught up in this physical experience that we are dragged down by its sorrows and injustices.

We live in a physical environment that is dependent on polarities, opposition, for its very existence. I am reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I have read it before and I have only just begun to grasp what he shares after a lifetime of spiritual seeking and practice, the last 30 of which have been centered in yoga and meditation. I am 71 and only in the past month have I truly begun to glimpse the true essence of meditation and inner communion with my own Soul, with the Divine Source of all that is. I have always made it harder than it needed to be; tried harder than necessary to create a meditation experience. And therein lies the most difficult thing of all…approaching union with God in childlike naïveté. It is this communion that is peace itself.

In chapter 30, Yogananda speaks of hearing God’s “gentle Voice” during a vision of the carnage and sorrow of the First World War:

The Divine Voice went on: “Creation is light and shadow both, else no picture is possible. The good and evil of maya must ever alternate in supremacy. If joy were ceaseless here in this world, would man ever desire another? Without suffering, he scarcely cares to recall that he has forsaken his eternal home. Pain is a prod to remembrance. The way of escape is through wisdom. The tragedy of death is unreal; those who shudder at it are like an actor who dies of fright on the stage when nothing more has been fired at him than a blank cartridge. My son’s are children of light; they will not sleep forever in delusion.”

What is often heard as trite is just as often profound. This world exists because of polarities both material and cosmic. Peace is not found in circumstance nor in the conditions of this temporary, illusory world. Peace is a state of being realized as the current personality slips into a place within, between, and under all that living in form allows.

It is a journey, a process, guided by the Divine and experienced in fullness by those beings who yield to the guidance and refuse to give up. We come seeking, in naive belief, that communion with God is not only possible, it is our natural state. We breathe into it, know it, and find that love and peace are already there.

It is a journey without limitations of time or space so there is no point in measuring how long it takes or whether you are succeeding or failing. Willingness to find a teacher or teachers is an act of surrender, of faith. Following a path that you resonate with is an act of surrender. Surrender is a powerful choice and a commitment and it leads to freedom, to true communion of Soul and Divine Source. You might begin with a study of what spiritual communion means. Thomas Merton called it “the Hidden Ground of Love.”

Be gentle with yourselves, dear hearts. Divine Love yearns as deeply as do you. Find a teacher and let that person(s) support and guide you in simple techniques that are effective in the human experience. I love you, catherine.



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