Radiating Love

Love is a powerful energy, a force that creates, renews and restores.

The more you allow Love to rise within you, the more it permeates your being – body, mind, heart.

I believe Love emanates from our very Souls (or Spirits if you prefer). The Divine Spark of Life within is Love Itself in its purest most powerful form.

This Love transcends ego and personal opinion or desire. This Love makes no demands and has no agendas. This Love wants only the highest good for oneself and others.

I recognize this Love’s presence in me when a loved one is suffering and I realize that I do not know what is needed and that I cannot fix the pain & suffering my precious one is experiencing.

What I can do is let the Love that emanates from my Soul rise within me on behalf of those I love. I can send it to them in many ways. I often visualize the person bathed in Love, held in the arms of Love. Sometimes I see them showered in rays of gold & white light. Other times I see them wrapped in an amethyst or rose-colored cloud.

Divine Love knows the way my loved ones must travel to find their peace, to discover True Self and know they are loved. Divine Love has their answers and desires their wholeness. Divine Love is not hindered by wishing things were different or easier.

For my own peace, so that I can radiate this Love to them, I trust the very Source of my own life, peace, and love.

How do I radiate or send this Love? I sit quietly and feel the person I am thinking of in that moment. I am aware my loved one is suffering and the Love within begins to rise. I immerse myself in the love for that person that emanates from my Soul. I am very visual so I rather quickly begin to see them being bathed in the light of Love. I hold that image and breathe softly and deeply for a few minutes.

Simple, yes? Powerful, definitely!

This is your invitation to practice and play with the idea of radiating the Love that flows in and through you to others. 💫💖


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