Developing Peace of Mind

Lines from Chapter 1, The Quest for Inner Development, from the book Essence of the Heart Sutra by Tenzin Gyatso, The Fourteenth Dalai Lama:

Our intelligence can help us overcome suffering and find happiness, but our intelligence can also cause problems.

…unhappiness created by human intelligence can only be alleviated by intelligence itself.

To do this, we must come join our intelligence to a warm, open heart. We must bring to our rationality a sense of compassion, of caring for one another, of sharing.

So when positive emotions guide intelligence, it becomes constructive. The warm, compassionate heart is the basis for peace of mind, without which the mind will always be uncomfortable and disturbed.

Only through strengthening these inner good qualities can genuine, lasting peace develop. This is what I mean by spiritual development. I sometimes also describe this as inner disarmament.

In fact, in all levels of our existence…inner disarmament is, above all, what humanity needs.

Therefore, made it begin with me. Namaste


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