Such A Busy Time

Namaste to those who have waited patiently through the times I do not write. It has always been my practice to be inspired by my Soul, by the Divine Spark within. I am grateful for your time, attention, and comments.

Here we are again at the busiest time of year. I know many of you, much like myself, have experienced intense challenges this year. My own sadness and grief this year due to my brother’s difficult passing has reminded me that others have suffered as well. As a result, whenever my pain surfaces, I send blessings of love & compassion out to others whether known to me or not. This brings me the awareness that I am not alone.

Today I send blessings to you and hope this day is easier. As the days unfold and bring us to the end of this year, please be kind to yourself. With love & compassion for yourself, say “Maybe next time” to a few invitations and rest. If there are no invitations, know that it is ok to be glad this year is almost over. Let the new year bring a new start, even if you can’t quite feel truly optimistic.

You are loved even when you can’t feel it.


2 thoughts on “Such A Busy Time

  1. Dearest Catherine, I am saddened to hear of your brothers passing, and if you have shared it before, it is one i missed. I apologize for that. I indeed have felt many hard suns within my year, as well. I too, expand unconditional Love and Purposeful Light in my world..just sending in a pray that it is felt by those in need…isn’t it comforting to know we are not alone in doing this..millions do daily…
    You are a blessing in this world..


  2. You have touched my heart this morning, Deb. Thank you for reading and for taking a moment to respond. I totally agree that we are blessed in knowing that we are not alone. May your day unfold in peace and joy, catherine


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