We Live From What We Believe

We live from what we believe even when we are unaware that we are doing so.

 You are perceptual beings with different vantage points and –  does not matter how much information is given –  you cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are standing.  You cannot live or see or  experience outside of your own individual believes. (Abraham-Hicks Publications October 2017)

No one can. Do you understand? No one can.  This is what I remind myself of when I do not understand why other people behave the way they do.

We live from what we believe.


Our Human Garments

In The Deeper Wound: Recovering the Soul In The Face of Fear And Tragedy, Deepak Chopra writes

When the spiritual path winds through time and space,  you walk it as a single body, single personality, and a single ego.  These are your garments you put on when you begin your journey, only  to take them off again now at its end. (From the reading for Day 92)

This, to me, is a beautiful explanation of my Sweet Soul manifesting in human form. When my Soul once again dis-robes, my True Self returns home to the Oneness of Divine Love.

So, when someone says the most important thing is “to know yourself, what are you seeking? Is it an understanding of your personality?  Is it knowing when and how your ego works and what its purpose is? Is it accepting your physical body? Or is it learning to come into the very seat of your Soul deep within this human form you inhabit?

Who, dear heart are you?

A Thought or Two

An enlightened mind never returns hatred for hatred because it is not hoaxed by hatred’s false power.  (Vernon Howard)


Rather, an enlightened mind or being lives from the Love and Peace of its Soul, knowing we are all accountable for how we move through life. An enlightened mind is aware of what it is contributing to the present moment, the present situation.


Chaos Within and Without

I wrote this the day after the Las Vegas sniper opened fire at a concert…

I shudder to even begin to imagine the mental, emotional, and physical chaos a person must live in that results in extremely violent behavior!

My truth is that it is not something I want to imagine or fully understand.  When I am alone, peacefully walking or enjoying my sweet little home, I know deep love and peace within. When I am able to bring that depth of love and peace into my relationships, it feels wonderful because of the divine  balance between my inner and outer worlds.

Angry, violent people manifest what they are experiencing within. Does this feel like balance to them? Does it feel better to see what they are experiencing internally played out in the world around them?!

Do we join them there or do we find a different way while still knowing that, in the end, we are all accountable.



The Burden Basket

Jamie Sams is one of my favorite Native American teachers. Her books have brought me numerous insights over the years. Today I would like to share from a chapter she wrote about Burden Baskets in her book, Sacred Path Cards.

Native American women were never asked to bear a burden heavier than their Burden Baskets could handle. When the Burden Basket  was not in use, it hung outside the home for another reason. Native American etiquette is very different from other cultures and demanded that custom being honored by all Tribal members.

It is obvious that the flap of a Tipi, Karen, or Wigwam  cannot be knocked on like a door. To receive permission to enter the Sacred Space of any Native American home, whether Hogan, Tipi, Longhouse, Cliff Dwelling, or Earth Hut,  it was necessary to scratch lightly upon the door. Since every dwelling was the Sacred Space  of the family, if there was no answer, entry was not permitted at that time. The family could be eating a meal, having a Family Council, or just wanting some privacy. The decision was always honored. No feelings were hurt because the idea of Sacred Space  was understood. Give permission to enter was granted, the Burden Basket was the reminder to the guest to leave his or her personal complaints or problems in the Burden Basket before entering another person’s Sacred Space.  The customer was honored, or the visitor was barred from entering that dwelling ever again.

To be in the present moment and to be willing to be a welcome guest requires strength of character… The internal strength necessary to keep our own counsel and bear our own burdens without inflicting them upon others,

To have compassion for the burdens of others, and yet not take those burdens on as our own, requires a strong heart. Great sensitivity is necessary for impeccable timing in knowing when and how to speak to others. Personal Balance brings the self-reliance we need to be in present time.

Today I am inviting you to consider one of the areas you might examine, clarify, and be willing to develop a deeper compassion for yourself and others.  This is an invitation to experience that depth of inner strength that brings you into a place of abiding in and living from the truth of who you are.

Love and Peace all ways.

Divine Source

ALL Souls emanate from the same Source: Divine Love, God.

Even those who, in their own pain, their own hurt, their own suffering inflict that pain, hurt, and suffering on others.

I do not always understand and I do not condone their actions.

I do know this Truth: there is only one Source of Life, Divine Love, God.

ALL Souls emanate from the same Source: Divine Love,God.