Paradox is defined as “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth” (

I was taught from a very young age that it is important to live in such a way that I gain God’s approval and love. I was also taught that I am a child of God and that God is Love and loves unconditionally.  If the latter is true, why do I have to “gain God’s love?”  God needs me to be a certain way before loving me? That is absurd!

So, which is it? Am I loved because I exist or do I have to earn it? It can’t be both, right?

Years ago I read a quote (and must apologize because I do not recall the source):

The motivating force of the universe is love.

All that exists emanates from Divine Love, that which is perfect, unconditional, indefinable, eternal and all-encompassing.

In the ancient Judeo-Christian writings, Moses meets God in the burning bush and asks “Who are you?”  The answer, to my understanding, is unpronounceable in Hebrew and is considered too sacred to be spoken aloud anyway. In English bibles it is spelled “Yahweh” and sometimes “Jehovah.”  The closest we come to its meaning is “I Am That I am.”

Native American teachers have said that their languages have similar words that do not translate well into English. The closest meaning to their name for God is “All That Is.”

If what we call “God” is All That Is, the Great I am, and I exist, then I am intrinsically one with that which we call “God.” If God is love, I am love.

Sit with this. Feel it rather than over-thinking it. Once you recognize who you really are, there is nothing to prove or earn. When you remember the essence of your True Self, your life will unfold from that, from the Source of Love that you are. It isn’t about living in a way that gains God’s approval. It is about living in a way that allows Divine Love to manifest through you.

Perhaps it is time to stop trying so hard to be what you already are.

This is my blessing for you today:

You are eternally and unconditionally loved.

You are love manifested in the world.

You are love in form.


The Hidden Ground of Love

The Hidden Ground of Love by Thomas Merton, published in 1985, is a collection of his letters that included religious or spiritual experience as well as social concerns.

In the Introduction, William H. Shannon, General Editor of the Merton Letters, quotes Merton:

And the deepest level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless. It is beyond speech, and it is beyond concept. Not that we discover a new unity. We discover an older unity. My dear brothers (and sisters), we are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to discover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are.

Earlier in the Introduction, Shannon quotes Merton writing of

…the happiness of being one with everything in that hidden  ground  of love for which there can be no explanation.

William Shannon adds

These words which see God not as a being among other beings but as the ground of all beings, and even more precisely the, ground of love in which all beings find their identity and uniqueness, provide a most appropriate title for this volume. 

As A Child

I grew up raised by color blind parents. One of my best friends in third and fourth grade lived on the other side of the circle when we were stationed at Westover AFB in Massachusetts. I remember going to her home and watching her mother braid her thick, curly black hair. It was beautiful. I asked her if I could touch her hair and it felt like silky cotton. The pomade her mother used smelled wonderful. Once braided, she put her shoes on and off we went to school together. I never once asked about the color of her skin.

In junior high we lived in Montgomery, Alabama and I attended a school in town. Everyone pretty much looked the same, no diversity there. I remember going to a concert with girlfriends downtown. We rode the bus. The entire experience was confusing to me. People of color had to sit in the back of the bus. “They” also used a separate entrance into the theater, a separate water fountain, and there were three bathrooms: Men, Women, Colored. “We” sat on the main floor; “they” sat in the balcony.

High School was spent in Washington D.C. My parents attended many official functions there. Often the event was a dinner dance. One Sunday morning I listened to stories of how much fun they had at the Watergate Hotel. How good the food was and about a lovely couple they met who loved to dance as much as they did. They told me how they would switch partners and others would stop to watch the four of them dance – they were that good! I was excited to hear they had invited this couple to dinner.

I did not give it a second thought when I opened the front door two weeks later to greet our guests. I welcomed this amazing couple in and shook their hands as I introduced myself. My parents joined us in the living room. I had some time alone with our new friends as dinner grew near. It was then that I asked what the gentleman did for a living.  He smiled and said he was the Director of the NAACP in the D.C. Area. I had to ask him what that was. Bless his heart! He had no idea the door he had opened! I had so many questions. Television news was filled with children trying to go to school in the south and being denied entrance. Violence was brewing.

I won’t go into all of the details because you all have things to do. I will say that he and his wife were loving, compassionate people without an ounce of anger or resentment in their minds or hearts. They taught me to live lovingly in the face of hatred and violence. They showed me the heart of God. I knew many people in my private Catholic school and church that talked of a loving God. We prayed regularly in our home. None of us had suffered to the degree of the two people I sat with that night. He held a doctorate and she a master’s degree – in the ’60’s! There was no anger or hatred in them. Months later, when my school bus was stoned and the bus driver told us to get on the floor under the seats, I thought of them and I cried for us and for the kids outside who were so tired of being less than. They didn’t know my Catholic school was integrated. They only knew that most white people hated them for existing.

When I read an article this morning of a KKK parade in N. Carolina, I thought of them and my sweet childhood friend and all of my friends since. We cannot go back there. Love heals and restores and moves us forward. Love goes forward. Love will not lead us back but it may well reveal what is hidden so that illusion and delusion are revealed.

Love will lead us. Love reminds us that to harm another is to harm ourselves.

Conscious Creation

Whether by default or conscious intention, I am creating my personal reality.

This is a lot to take in. It isn’t about controlling circumstances or other people. It is about being aware and present in my own life. It is about clarity of mind and heart. It is about being true to my Self, my Soul.

I begin every day by sitting quietly for a few moments and then writing down a one or two sentence intention. My intention this morning is

I consciously create my personal reality with love and compassion for myself and others.

This is an invitation for you to form a conscious intention for your day.

Namaste. Peace.

Apparently We Wanted To Know

I love the enlightened viewpoint of my friend, my cosmic brother, who has given me permission to quote him. If you find his wording or ideas a bit confusing, feel free to google terms and visit his website. Gary is a gifted song writer/performer who has touched my Soul with his very existence.

It’s the  law of attraction. As a group, we apparently wanted to know what this is going to look and be like. I will stay responsible for what I see and how I think and feel about it, and hold you in that same vibration. Won’t it be great when the majority joins us in the self – responsibility of the level of conscious vibration we embody.

Gary Lynn Floyd                              November 9, 2016

Lao Tsu on Nonduality

Why did I use so many words the other day?!

Simply see that you are at the center of the universe and accept all things and beings as part of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is one to yourself, you have understood the great truth.

I have shared this quote before…it merits repeating. With reference to subject/object, it can be said this way:

At the core of all life, the center of the universe, is all life, the infinite body. The subject and the object are one and the same. The subject is the object; the object is the subject.

Aware Of Being Aware

It is possible to step back from your current state of awareness and become aware of being aware. How?

A simple example:

Take a stroll – not a power walk – without headset, etc. Begin by looking around and becoming aware of your surroundings. Notice the trees and your neighbors’ landscaping. See the sky. As your walk continues, become aware that you are noticing what you are seeing. Then, become aware of the awareness that you are noticing what you are seeing. Now you are aware of your own awareness; you are aware of being aware.

As you gently continue, you may experience the sensation of “watching” yourself take a walk. It is a sensation rather than a physical seeing of yourself and then one day you will realize you are aware of that level of awareness. You keep taking one step more back from your current awareness until you experience that you are awareness itself.

Yep, it’s a little weird when you read it but, when you experience it, you smile and sigh and think “Oh, this is what I’ve been moving toward.”

Aum shanti Aum, dear hearts.