God’s Language

Rumi said:

God’s language is Silence. Everything else is a poor translation.


I have nothing to add to that, dear hearts. Even if I did, I would rather meet you in the Silence. Be blessed today.


When Something Is Taken

Glennon Doyle was one of the speakers on our Alaskan Cruise adventure. A few of her thoughts:

We are here to love and be loved. It is simple but not easy.

A life, role, or identity is not taken from us unless something truer or more real is waiting for us.

Love is a journey. It cannot be rigid. There is no solid ground.

Freedom is turning within to know your own Soul.

Freedom is turning within to answer the question “Who am I”

May your journey today be one of conscious freedom to turn within and discover that you are Divinely and Infinitely loved. You are Love and Light in form. From my sweet Soul to yours, I love you. Namaste.

Another Alaska Story

The next day our cruise ship sailed through Glacier Bay. Things feel timeless there. We decide to find quiet places to experience this wonder-filled place. I am grateful beyond words…my face is less swollen but the virus is raging today. From my journal:

Today I am wounded…..uncomfortable…..face flaming

yet I walk the deck in the cold, 2 miles in 30 mins. Smiling. Feeling life and strength.

yet—somewhere inside is…..sadness, discouragement, deep weariness.

My faces though much less swollen is so red! Almost raw looking.

I know I must not use the mineral powder to partially disguise it today. I must let my poor skin breathe; it needs the pure, clean air here to heal.

BUT today my resiliency is gone. I feel vulnerable and exposed, as though I must protect others from the sight of me.

I sit now in a barely lit corner of the Crow’s Nest on the Observation Deck. I fought and won as I chose to leave the stateroom for the fourth time today.

I will not deny myself the vastness and grace of this place to avoid being seen.

Around the corner from where I sit, the number of voices increases and I want to leave…

not yet, though tears are just below the surface…..my sadness reflected in the gray of the sky.

My thoughts as I reflected later on what I had written:

This too shall pass in spite of how I feel in this moment.

This experience is preparing me for a new level of awareness, understanding, peace, wisdom, clarity, compassion, love of self and others.

I embrace the suffering of the moment in the hope and expectation of the gift to come❤️

If you are suffering today, my prayers are with you. May you find peace and strength in this present moment, catherine. 💫💖

A Quote from Gandhi

Don’t let people walk through your mind with dirty feet.

When I heard someone quote him not too long ago, my Inner Voice added “whether they were in your life in the past or have shown up in the present.”

If that person is from your past, a memory is recycling. It is not a current experience but it can become one if you continue to entertain it in the present moment.

If that person has recently entered your life and was unknowingly welcomed by you, it is your choice whether or not that person remains.

I believe this is worth giving thought to….how about you?

Aum Shanti, dear hearts. Transcending Peace.


True freedom is found in the ability to face life’s realities and challenges while  embracing the comfort and even pain involved.

True freedom is looking within for strength, wisdom, and guidance rather than looking outside of oneself.

Freedom is knowing True Self, your Soul.

How? The path leading to your Soul is found in the Silence within.  I know many of you think there is no silence within you but it is there for it is the dwelling place of the Soul. Meditations with background music, chanting, or a soft guiding voice are often the starting place for those of us who find only busyness within.  Persevere, dear hearts.  Your path will lead you home to the truth of your Soul. 💫💖

It’s Been Two Week’s…?

That’s  right two weeks have passed since my last entry. That was a surprise to me this morning.  But then in the past few days I have totally blanked out a payment I need to make and used a chopstick to attempt thoroughly cleaning out around the lint filter in my dryer. The reason I mention that is because I dropped the chopstick and it slid down underneath the tub of my dryer. So I will make an appointment with my landlady this morning to explain to her what I have done and admit my own embarrassment.  And this is how my “new“ year began.

Fortunately I don’t give much importance to events that are simply part of a calendar people devised in order to be able to communicate with one another.  I reminded myself this morning that other countries and cultures have calendars totally different from ours so a day is simply a day. Time is a linear mental concept and I can allow myself not to be undone by it.

I decided this morning that my “new“ year begins today. And today is a good day because I am present and aware and willing to  be in each moment as it unfolds. Yes, I hope today unfolds with more clarity and simplicity and lack of surprises!  Life is what it is and getting frustrated and overly embarrassed really does not bring me peace and contentment.

Life is what it is and I am who I am. I forget things. I make silly mistakes. I am, after all, a spiritual being currently having a human experience. And human beings are prone to oversights and mistakes because there are no perfect human beings. And knowing that is the key to being perfectly human!

May your day unfold easily and may you know Peace today.

Such A Busy Time

Namaste to those who have waited patiently through the times I do not write. It has always been my practice to be inspired by my Soul, by the Divine Spark within. I am grateful for your time, attention, and comments.

Here we are again at the busiest time of year. I know many of you, much like myself, have experienced intense challenges this year. My own sadness and grief this year due to my brother’s difficult passing has reminded me that others have suffered as well. As a result, whenever my pain surfaces, I send blessings of love & compassion out to others whether known to me or not. This brings me the awareness that I am not alone.

Today I send blessings to you and hope this day is easier. As the days unfold and bring us to the end of this year, please be kind to yourself. With love & compassion for yourself, say “Maybe next time” to a few invitations and rest. If there are no invitations, know that it is ok to be glad this year is almost over. Let the new year bring a new start, even if you can’t quite feel truly optimistic.

You are loved even when you can’t feel it.