The Wisdom of A Child

My darling granddaughter is four years old. She is bright and funny and astoundingly strong-willed.  Around the age of three, she came to my home for a play date. I asked her to start picking up so that we could get her home on time. She silently continued playing as though I did not exist. I then quietly asked her to look at me so that I knew she was listening and she calmly kept playing – again as though I did not exist. I stood there and silently asked my Soul for wisdom. This is what came to mind so I said it lovingly and quietly:

Sweetheart, I have no desire to struggle with you so I am going to finish cleaning up the kitchen before I take you home.

The silence continued from the other room. About five minutes later I peeked into the room and she was putting everything away with great care. We straightened the living room together and had time to walk to her house instead of using the car 💓. This idea of not creating a struggle with her has been a theme ever since.

Very recently I was sitting on her bed with her. She is allowed to watch a short tv show after her nap so I was setting up one of her favorites on an iPad … or so I thought. Nothing was working and I was starting to feel frustrated. She is very intuitive and is often aware of our feelings before we are. She leaned into me and touched my arm lightly as she said

You don’t need to struggle, Gama. Just try again.

Then she kissed my cheek, I thanked her for reminding me and we figured it out together!

Need I say more?

Blessings to you this day. Each day comes as a gift, right? Right!


Do You Long For Peace?

If you Long for peace, whether within yourself or in our world, then…

Be Peace

Leave self-judgement behind. Whoever taught you to do that was wrong.

Live Peace-fully with yourself.

Even if it only lasts a moment at first, choose not to judge others. Does it ever make you feel better?

Live Peace-fully with others.

Let it begin with me. Let it begin with us, dear hearts.

72 Years

I was born into this body 72 years ago today…and so today I begin my 73rd year of this lifetime. It has been quite the ride so far and I am grateful to still be here. I am blessed to live in a peaceful, sweet home of my choosing. This is no small thing for one raised in a military family; one who went on to raise her own children in a military family. Choosing where I live is a joy! I am blessed to have loving children and grandchildren. I am blessed.

And I am still growing up! Really? Yep. I thought I would be floating through life now. Silly human thinking. The difference is not a life always simple and easy. The difference is I know stuff now! I know what I create when I leave the moment or believe all of my thoughts are real and truthful. I know Who I Am and the Truth of my Soul. I know how to turn from old thoughts into the Truth of the moment. I know Peace, Love, Contentment when I do.

Blessings of Love and Light today, dear hearts. You bless me every time you read an entry and relate from your heart and soul. 💫💖

Another Alaska Story

The next day our cruise ship sailed through Glacier Bay. Things feel timeless there. We decide to find quiet places to experience this wonder-filled place. I am grateful beyond words…my face is less swollen but the virus is raging today. From my journal:

Today I am wounded…..uncomfortable…..face flaming

yet I walk the deck in the cold, 2 miles in 30 mins. Smiling. Feeling life and strength.

yet—somewhere inside is…..sadness, discouragement, deep weariness.

My faces though much less swollen is so red! Almost raw looking.

I know I must not use the mineral powder to partially disguise it today. I must let my poor skin breathe; it needs the pure, clean air here to heal.

BUT today my resiliency is gone. I feel vulnerable and exposed, as though I must protect others from the sight of me.

I sit now in a barely lit corner of the Crow’s Nest on the Observation Deck. I fought and won as I chose to leave the stateroom for the fourth time today.

I will not deny myself the vastness and grace of this place to avoid being seen.

Around the corner from where I sit, the number of voices increases and I want to leave…

not yet, though tears are just below the surface… sadness reflected in the gray of the sky.

My thoughts as I reflected later on what I had written:

This too shall pass in spite of how I feel in this moment.

This experience is preparing me for a new level of awareness, understanding, peace, wisdom, clarity, compassion, love of self and others.

I embrace the suffering of the moment in the hope and expectation of the gift to come❤️

If you are suffering today, my prayers are with you. May you find peace and strength in this present moment, catherine. 💫💖

A Quote from Gandhi

Don’t let people walk through your mind with dirty feet.

When I heard someone quote him not too long ago, my Inner Voice added “whether they were in your life in the past or have shown up in the present.”

If that person is from your past, a memory is recycling. It is not a current experience but it can become one if you continue to entertain it in the present moment.

If that person has recently entered your life and was unknowingly welcomed by you, it is your choice whether or not that person remains.

I believe this is worth giving thought to….how about you?

Aum Shanti, dear hearts. Transcending Peace.