The Little Things

When I put my house on the market a few months ago, I mentally gave myself a year for the full transition to happen because I knew people in my neighborhood that had their houses on the market for six months or more. One week after listing, I accepted an offer and three weeks later I was meeting the moving van at my apartment in another state. A lot of work but it all came together and here I am.

Yep, here I am, without a doubt or second thought about my decision or my choices.

So, why can’t I make up my mind about when to make an appointment to have work done on my car?! I am retired and new in town so there are no commitments keeping me from going to the dealership. I made the decision to have the work done four or five days ago and haven’t called. Why? Because I am hung up on when to get it done!

As I write this, I am laughing at myself. My intention is to make the call today and I will be happy to have it done. That was my intention yesterday as well…and the day before. Is this typical of me? Sort of but not really. For the most part, I am well-organized by nature. I just get things done so I can move on to something more interesting or fun. Now and then this does happen, however. I just get stuck. My answer is to be patient with myself. In this case, nothing is seriously wrong with the car so I have some leeway. I have the money budgeted and, obviously free time is not an issue. So, I will have a laugh and give myself the freedom to pick up the phone when the fancy strikes. Later, I will be very happy it is done.

There was a time when I would have denigrated myself and had a time of it rather than laughing and knowing it will get done. Today I love myself more and allow myself to be where I am in the moment. Being human is a journey of imperfection and wonder and the opportunity to love myself as I am. The Divine loves me as I am so who I am to say that is an inappropriate choice?

Aum shanti.