An Old Thought…

This comment  was made by Charles Dickens. Wouldn’t he be stunned by the way we communicate today!    His comment more meaningful now than it was when he made it:

Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.

The only thing I would add to his thought is that this is even more true when there is the need to resolve misunderstanding or conflict.  Text message cannot communicate the tone of your voice or the feelings on your face and in your eyes.

Enough said. Blessings of love and light, dear hearts.


My spiritual mentors remind me in many ways of the importance of intention. Beginning each day with awareness by taking 3-5 slow breaths and feeling my body is my first step. As I breathe I ask myself how I want this day to feel…yes, feel. I find this much more powerful than starting a list before I even get out of bed. For me, it isn’t about doing; it is about being. I know how I am being when I am aware of what I am feeling.

Today I want to feel peaceful, happy, loving, and compassionate toward myself and others.

This is my desire. It tells me what I want to realize when I ask myself tonight how I feel about my day. I move from to desire to intention by making a commitment to myself as I begin to look at what I want to experience and accomplish today. Once I have done my morning yoga & meditation, I sit with my coffee and make a list or check my calendar. This is my opportunity to let desire become intention. It is the same thought, the same desire, and now I commit to it and to myself and it is empowered by my intention.

Today I believe in mySelf as I live from the peace of my Soul. I am happy, loving and compassionate toward myself and others. I am faithful to the commitments I have made with myself and others today. 

An intention can be much more specific, of course. If there is something I have been avoiding, like making a dental appointment 😊 my intention may include calling at a specific time and setting an alert on my digital calendar. If I have been wanting to shift the energy of my life by trying something new, my list may include signing up for a class or walking to the park to do yoga rather than staying inside.

Play with these ideas and see what shakes out. Keep it simple and clear. Find what works for you.

For me, today

I believe in mySelf as I live from the peace of my Soul.