The Point of Balance

From “Zen Cards” by Daniel Levin:

The center is not always the point of balance. When you find that place where Balance is achieved, peace will result in all situations. There is no conflict, for everything rests without strain.

As I read this, I wonder…..then I pick up an un-sharpened No. 2 pencil. I lay it across one finger at its center point and  it falls off. Of course it does. The eraser end is heavier than the writing end. I move its resting point toward the eraser end. It balances.

So what? Well, balance is essential to our wellbeing. Healthy diet, reasonable amounts of exercise, fresh air, sleep, and the meeting of other physical needs keeps the body in balance. Attention to these things benefits our physical wellbeing. Many of these things are also necessary for mental and emotional balance, and thus, wellbeing. Too much sugar and not enough sleep directly affect how we react/respond to daily life. These two things can throw our mental/ emotional balance off very quickly.

I am thinking and writing about these things because I have been assessing my own habits in light changes in my own life. I want to be stronger, more active, continue to learn, grow, and serve. I am finding what works for me and I am inviting you to sit with these ideas now and then and see if you can discern your own needs in ways that create more balance, energy, happiness, and joy for you.

Blessings of Love and Light💫💖🙏

Immersed in This Moment

Yesterday I wrote about the power of release. This morning as I sit in my rocking chair to journal and blog, my eyes consistently gaze toward a window. I stop typing and broaden my breath into my rib cage and belly. My gaze softens and I feel my own presence here in this spot, in this moment. I let my eyes close and sink into myself. I am really here. Right here, right now, I am really here.

There is nothing like it. Total immersion and presence in this moment.

Meditation practice makes a moment like this possible. It is not unusual not to feel this way while actually meditating. This is why it is called a practice (look up the meaning of “practice” even if you think you know exactly what it means). What I just experienced was spontaneous and simple and I loved it. This is why I am faithful to the practice. Yoga and meditation create my ability to release into this gift of being fully immersed in this moment.

There are times I experience the same thing in my meditation but, when it just comes to me like it is doing this morning, I am wrapped in the arms of Divine Love and Compassion. It is a Cosmic Hug. It is the Embrace of All That Is as the “I” disappears into the “ALL.”

I love you. Namaste.

Can Meditation be Simple?

It most definitely can be simple. I took a long walk this morning and, upon my return, I smiled with contentment because it was a beautiful time of meditation…and I never even planned to do a walking meditation. It came to me.

I keep Daniel Levin’s card set ZEN Cards on my desk and often read one before going online for any reason but especially before blogging. Can you guess what today’s card was titled? Yep…Meditation!

I cannot say it better so here is how Daniel describes meditation (if you are walking, simply begin the definition with Walk quietly…):

Sit quietly. Watch your thoughts and feelings pass in front of you. Relinquish control and the desire to get caught in them. See that nothing in life is permanent. Your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions all pass before you. If anything catches you, gently release it, and simply continue watching.

Aum shanti