What Is, Is

Many times,  the most powerful path to peace is surrender.  Life is what it is and often circumstances cannot be shifted, people continue to be who they are,  we feel we are not growing, and we grow weary in the process. When it all gets to be too much,  give it up, dear hearts.

Give up trying to be the all-powerful one who can create a perfect world.  Give up trying to change someone else. Give up trying to change yourself or your circumstances right this minute.

Surrender to the Divine. Trust divine love to do the work you cannot do. Surrendering to What Is  feels like defeat or failure. It is far from that. It is wise, powerful, and the only path to true, lasting serenity. It is wise to wait. It is powerful to receive. It brings peace to know you are not alone.

Come into the silence of the Divine Presence and let yourself rest. Your highest good is unfolding. Let this moment be enough enou and let yourself rest there. Your highest good is unfolding. Let this moment be enough,  when it isn’t comfortable to do so.

Aum shanti Aum. Eternal Peace.

True Wholeness

From the “Message of the Day” on Day 22 of the Chopra meditation experience titled “Become What You Believe:”

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” – Saint Augustine.

In spiritual terms, wholeness is the ever-present, unlimited awareness that is our true nature. It is not comprised of the thoughts, feelings, images, and experiences of our self. Rather, wholeness is the singular reality out of which all these are comprised. All our experiences are modifications or modulations of our awareness. The recognition that wholeness of consciousness is our true nature is our highest fulfillment.

Take a moment and sit with this today.

Love, compassion, peace from my heart to yours.