Transitional Tornadoes

The only constant in life is change.

Change can be everything from exhilirating to frightening. It can be dreams come true and it can be like a tornado tossing us into the winds. Some people thrive on change, moving through life without ever settling anywhere in particular. Others resist change in any form, wanting everything to remain the same. Most of us live somewhere between those two extremes.

Even when change is desired and planned for, the actual transition can feel like being scooped up by a tornado and tossed around, then suddenly dropped to the earth. Physically, mentally and emotionally, the energy rages and swirls as we cope with all of the logistics of transition. It is exhausting.

And it is inevitable. Human beings, by and large, resist this one constant in life. Why? We all want to feel safe and secure and, somewhere along the way, we came to believe that keeping things the same would enable us to do that. If I can control the outer circumstances of my life, I can rest in knowing what my days will be like, who my friends are, and what the future holds. This, of course, is illusion. Nothing stays the same; there are no guarantees; life changes.

How then do we learn to embrace and flow with change that we do not initiate? When you think about it, what choice do we have? When transition is thrust upon us, we must find ways to go with it, to cope and to thrive into our new normal….until that changes of course!

This is my simplest answer:   Loosen your jaw and breathe slowly and evenly all the way to your pelvic floor. Feel the breath in your rib cage, upper abdomen and belly. Stay with it until your mind clears and your emotions grow calmer.  Repeat this every time the tornadoes of transition whip up and begin to toss you around again.

To resist is exhausting and futile and, quite frankly, can take you straight to crazy town. Personally, I’ve spent some time in crazy town and have no desire to visit there any time soon, or ever. Instead, ride the zipline of life and yell wahoo!