Emotional Balance

Emotional balance has been unfolding in my life for 50 years.  One of the biggest hurdles has been letting go of the belief that my emotions define me; that I am what I am currently feeling.  I now define emotion as: e-motion = energy in motion.  When I am experiencing a specific emotion, I realize that it is energy moving through my entire being.  It is energy that has been given a name such as happiness, sorrow, anger, etc.  Remembering this helps me release judgement about the nature of that energy.  Energy is energy; it is neither good nor bad; it just is.

As practices for the body and mind (yoga, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, fresh air, loving friends, etc.) have become consistent in my life, my emotions have become more consistent as well.  For the most part, my emotions fit what I am experiencing in the moment.  When each of my parents died, I was deeply sad and grieved.  I was also profoundly grateful that I was with them in their transitions. I was proud to be their daughter. I was also grateful for everything they had given me over the years.  So many emotions flowed during those times and I felt them all. Intense and fulfilling all at once.

In releasing judgement, I view these experiences in terms of intensity.  Seldom is overwhelming happiness described as bad, yet it is every bit as intense as sorrow and can be just as exhausting.  My granddaughter’s birth was so intensely joyful that there were times I didn’t sleep very well.  There were times when I quietly cried for happy.  Intense.

On the other end of the spectrum, I choose not to take in news about things like child abuse because the depth of anger I feel on behalf of these innocents is almost frightening to me.  But is anger always “bad?”  Not in my opinion, because there are many people who have been inspired to acts of bravery because of the anger that arises within them.  Anger and frustration with things I had allowed or created in my life have given me the courage to make very difficult changes.  Intense.

Intensity is seldom comfortable, which is why these energies are judged as bad or unhealthy.  The key, is – guess what? – balance!  It makes more sense to realize that imbalance in the emotional body creates confusion and can be destructive than to set the goal of never feeling these things.  When I feel angry, can I allow myself to be in it in a way that leads me to action, forgiveness or compassion?  If so, I will quickly return to peace and tranquility.  My actions will be appropriate to the situation and to my desire and intention to live lovingly and compassionately.  It is when I avoid and stuff or hide my feelings that my behavior becomes inappropriate and possibly destructive.

Balance is the key. Here are a few reasonable goals:  Feel without being thrown against the wall by the intensity of emotions. Be willing to sit with the discomfort in order to remember that energy in motion does not define me; it is something you are experiencing in the moment.  It will diminish, shift, transform because that is the nature of energy.  Embrace the experience for what it is:  a human experience that does not change or define your True Self, a spiritual being. Be patient and remember that it takes time and maturity to come into this awareness in every aspect of your being: physical, mental, emotional.  You don’t have to change everything at once.  You don’t have to fight yourself and judge yourself.  You do not have to be perfect.  You can be in this moment, experience it, and be all that you are.  You can unfold into True Self as naturally as a healthy tree matures and produces perfect fruit.

One of my favorite responses to myself when I explode into emotional intensity and catch myself in the midst of it is:    Well, Catherine Ann, welcome to the human race!


Apparently We Wanted To Know

I love the enlightened viewpoint of my friend, my cosmic brother, who has given me permission to quote him. If you find his wording or ideas a bit confusing, feel free to google terms and visit his website. Gary is a gifted song writer/performer who has touched my Soul with his very existence.

It’s the  law of attraction. As a group, we apparently wanted to know what this is going to look and be like. I will stay responsible for what I see and how I think and feel about it, and hold you in that same vibration. Won’t it be great when the majority joins us in the self – responsibility of the level of conscious vibration we embody.

Gary Lynn Floyd                              November 9, 2016


When Life Hurts, Reach Out

Call a friend to walk with you & share, receive support and encouragement.

Every time you cash a check, put $5 in an envelope and, when you have enough, schedule a therapeutic massage or a reiki session.

Do you know a Reiki Practioner? Call and ask for help. If it is a friend who sends reiki on the spot, take that person to lunch, send a thank you note or gift.

Go to a funny movie and belly laugh or hang out with a small child who giggles easily.

Call your church or a friend whose church has prayer warriors and ask to be put on the prayer list.

Let people help, support, and love you.

You do not have to walk alone but you might have to find the courage to reach out. How else will someone who loves you, or has the gifts to help you, know what you need?

Aum shanti. Transcending peace.


There is a stillness within me this morning and I am grateful.

Stillness of mind and heart is far from emptiness.

It is a quiet fullness that requires nothing but Itself.

It simply is.

Speak Your Truth


First, you must know Your Truth. Truth transcends opinion. It is not about religion or politics or ideology.

Truth is Who I Am on the most fundamental level. My personal truth is that I Am a spiritual being who is currently having a human experience. My purpose is to discover on every level of awareness the Divine Love and Light that I Am and then to manifest that Divine Love and Light while in human form.

One of the nuances of this discovery and purpose is that it guides me in how to speak my truth. My practice is to speak my truth with love and compassion toward myself and others. Love and compassion toward myself requires me to set reasonable boundaries with others – boundaries that express self-respect on my part and that ask them to respect me. Love and compassion toward others requires me to communicate my boundaries gently and clearly rather than in a way that amounts to controlling their behavior. I can only ask that my boundaries be respected. Love does not force. Hopefully, trust develops as well as friendship, etc.

I cannot always have what I want; there may be a loved one that I long to invite into my inner circle but who does not respect and honor me. I will always love that person even though our relationship will be more distant, more on the surface that I would prefer. Love still prevails but with wisdom and self-respect. I respect myself enough to accept the current reality. I respect the other person enough to not force change, to not demand that they be someone they are not.

Know and Speak Your Truth with Love and Compassion for Yourself and Others. This may be the deepest experience of your spiritual journey, beloved.

Love and Light in Form

Divine Love awaits your awareness.

You are that Love and Light in Form. You are Divine Love manifesting as you are be-ing human.

So often we seek to do the right thing so God will approve and love us. We follow all of the rules and, still, a marriage fails or a loved one dies. We feel we have fallen short or even that we are being punished.

It isn’t so, dear hearts. Love was and is there all the time. The Divine simply Is, everywhere, all the time.

Divine Love awaits your awareness. Rather than work so hard to “do,” receive the Love that awaits. Rather than work so hard at “becoming,” receive the truth of who you are: you exist because of the Divine spark of Love and Light within you. Let yourself BE who you are. Divine Love awaits your awareness. Please surrender to the truth and let go of the need to be “less than” so that you can justify your unhappiness and your struggle.

Divine Love awaits your awareness. Turn your awareness within to the Love and Light that brought you into be-ing so that you could BE Love and Light shining through your humanity.

You are Love and Light in form. Fan the fire of the Divine within you and Shine! As you surrender to the Truth of Who You Are: Thought processes will clarify and settle into Love and Light; Behaviors will begin to manifest your Divine Essence; Love and Light will be expressed in how you think about and treat yourself and others; Emotions will come into a healthy balance and you will know Joy.

Divine Love Awaits Your Awareness.

Already? Really?

I woke up several times during the night and was able, each time, to go back to sleep which is not always the case. As I woke up the last time, I felt a cramp beginning to form in my left leg so I forced myself to get out of bed quickly to stop it. My thought was “At least I kept going back to sleep this time.” I decided to begin my day and the final preparations for a dear friend’s visit. Within a few minutes, my thought was, “Already? Really? Is this how my day is going to be?!”

Yeah, one of those mornings. The simplest of tasks took twice as long. The humidifier wouldn’t work so I cleaned it thoroughly and put it outside to dry. I reached under the sink for my rubber gloves and the foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper fell out so I rearranged the cabinet. Really? Then I walked outside for a moment and saw a little bird on the wire and felt the cool morning air. I smiled and thought about how many times I felt as though nothing was easy. I also thought about how many times a complicated day unfolded as smooth as silk. Then there are times when nothing feels right even though nothing appears to be wrong – like the day years ago when I was grooming my horse and told my best friend that “I feel as though I woke up backwards in my body this morning! The world feels that strange to me.” She laughed and said she knew just what I meant.

What works for me, on a day that begins the way this one did, is to take a few slow breaths and remind myself to slow down and be very gentle with myself. I’m not doing anything wrong; I am simply not quite in sync with myself and my environment in that moment. I often play a few games of solitaire on my iPad because it is almost a zen experience and brings me into the moment. Then I read something inspirational that gently reminds me that I am, after all, learning to be human and that the process can be quite awkward. I remind myself that everything is unfolding for my highest good whether it feels like it or not. Even as I type this I am monitoring my breath because I have a tendency to shorten and hold it at times like this. Keeping my breath slow and full calms and centers me and allows me to smile because…

Yeah, already, really. And…

This too shall pass. This will shift because everything is in a state of constant change. I am a spiritual being currently having a human experience and that means experiencing the polarities and contrasts of this third dimensional world. Being gentle with myself and letting the moment be okay allows me to be available when it shifts into a more comfortable mode. It allows me to love myself even as I experience these annoying challenges when my leg aches from that early morning cramp. It is all a part of being human after all.

May your day unfold gently and easily and may you know peace.

Personal Peace

If for any reason, I am not fully at peace within, I must first look within. I must learn to ask the questions that will reveal the truth of what is undermining my fundamental peace of mind and heart. And I must learn to ask these questions gently, honestly, and without judgment.

Am I participating in my own well-being by being faithful to a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, fresh air, rest, and wise financial management?

Am I allowing time for sweet silence to meditate, journal, appreciate the gifts life brings me, and feel gratitude?

Am I manifesting compassion toward myself?

Am I taking responsibility for my own happiness or am I looking to others to make me happy? Am I blaming others when I am not happy and content? Am I truly grateful for what I have and who I am or am I constantly thinking about what I don’t have and judging myself for not being perfect or better in some way?

Am I living mindfully so that I know personal peace is about my spiritual, emotional, and mental environment? If I am cultivating peace within, my physical and external environments will be peaceful as well – even when I am confronted with challenges or the ongoing crises in our world.

I am responsible for my personal peace. I must have the courage to shift attitudes, behaviors, and choices if I am not at peace.



Wise Choices

Yesterday I used my own divorce as an example of perceptions and personal truth. Today I want to follow that up with a few comments about the choices I made during that time as I attempted to walk through that experience and be true to my personal truth.

My truth was that God was guiding me out of a relationship that was no longer serving my highest good. We had been married almost 25 years and it was the most difficult decision I faced in my entire life. Two young adult children were losing their family as a unit and it was devastating. And, no, my choices during that process were not always wise or for my highest good. My choices did, however, teach me a lot about who I was at the core of my being and how I wanted to move through life.

My awakening had begun in the final years of my marriage and now continued with intensity and multiple opportunities to discover and begin manifesting True Self. I am grateful even for my mistakes because I met people along the way who remain trusted friends or whose teachings I turn to even now, almost 25 years later.

I guess my point is that knowing your personal truth does not guarantee you will always make your best choices. My personal truth at that time was not fully developed and neither was my understanding of that truth. Divine Love used it all anyway. My Higher Self used it all anyway. Everything I experienced brought me deeper understanding and clarity of my true nature; everything made my Inner Wisdom’s Voice more familiar to me. I believe I make wiser choices now and I make them the majority of the time. All of my choices continue to take me deeper and wider along my path of enlightenment. That path has taught me to view myself with love rather than judgement and this allows me to give others the same.

May your path unfold into enlighten wisdom, peace, and joy. Namaste.

Body Messages

One of the many gifts of practicing yoga is heightened body awareness, a clearer and deeper communication in the body-mind. The messages from the body can be subtle, discerned primarily through intuition. Some are very specific. Different emotional energies “live” in specific areas of the body. I will give a few specific examples and invite you to explore more information on this topic.

The chakra or energy center system of yoga and Ayurveda are very helpful in learning to understand where and how energy moves in the physical body. The lower three chakras are at the base of the spine, in the center of the lower abdomen, and behind the naval. These centers contain what we call the survival energies:  stability, relationships/community, sense of self/will. For example, it is not unusual to experience discomfort or pain in your lower back, just below the waist, when you are fearful or having a specific crisis in your finances. Financial issues challenge our sense of security in our world.

About nine months ago, while visiting my holistic physician for a tune-up, we talked about the tightness on the right side of my neck. After muscle testing me, he explained that it was a relationship issue with a female friend (in this instance, the side of the neck reveals whether the friend is male or female). He then asked me if I was unhappy with a friend’s decisions and choices recently. Was I being stiff-necked or stubborn about her choices? I had to think for a moment and, sure enough, I felt a dear friend had put herself at risk and was suffering as a result. As I forgave her for her choices and myself for judging her, my neck began to release.

This next example makes me laugh even though, at the time of this experience, it added to my emotional and physical suffering. I was in the 25th year of my marriage when it failed. The grief and sadness were extremely intense of course. Divorce is never easy and, in the middle of it all, I developed hemorrhoids! As the months unfolded, I began to see a pattern. Every time I felt threatened, the condition flared. Yep, he was being a real pain in the ass! My body could not have sent me a clearer message that I needed to adjust my thinking and my perception of what was going on. I worked with a therapist and my doctor, stuck with my yoga and meditation practice, and spent time with loving friends having fun. The pattern did eventually fade away. The only time the condition returns is when I perceive someone as a threat and internalize their behavior in some way. My body lets me know right away and I respond quickly to shift my awareness. 99% of the time, my body calms down within a few hours. There are times, to be honest, when I am my own pain in the ass and there is nothing quite like a flaming hemorrhoid to get my attention!

What is your body trying to show you today? Take some time to feel, listen, and perceive its messages. When you do, please take care to do so with the intention of gaining information and understanding. Release all judgement so that you learn to reset attitudes or perceptions and to support your body in releasing tightness or illness. This is an opportunity for healing and expanded awareness. Judgement only hinders the process. Love yourself as your body becomes a source of information in your journey of enlightenment.

Aum Ritam Namah:  My desires and intentions are aligned with the Universe, the Divine.