The Point of Balance

From “Zen Cards” by Daniel Levin:

The center is not always the point of balance. When you find that place where Balance is achieved, peace will result in all situations. There is no conflict, for everything rests without strain.

As I read this, I wonder…..then I pick up an un-sharpened No. 2 pencil. I lay it across one finger at its center point and  it falls off. Of course it does. The eraser end is heavier than the writing end. I move its resting point toward the eraser end. It balances.

So what? Well, balance is essential to our wellbeing. Healthy diet, reasonable amounts of exercise, fresh air, sleep, and the meeting of other physical needs keeps the body in balance. Attention to these things benefits our physical wellbeing. Many of these things are also necessary for mental and emotional balance, and thus, wellbeing. Too much sugar and not enough sleep directly affect how we react/respond to daily life. These two things can throw our mental/ emotional balance off very quickly.

I am thinking and writing about these things because I have been assessing my own habits in light changes in my own life. I want to be stronger, more active, continue to learn, grow, and serve. I am finding what works for me and I am inviting you to sit with these ideas now and then and see if you can discern your own needs in ways that create more balance, energy, happiness, and joy for you.

Blessings of Love and Light💫💖🙏

The Wonder of You

I sat and listened to the birds outside my window this morning. It is a symphony. Such a vibrant, happy sound. It is available every morning. Wonderful.

This is how I feel each of you in this symphony of life. You are a wonder of creation. There is no one on the planet just like you. Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.” Throughout my teen years, my father invited me time and again to just be myself. The challenge was that I had no idea who I was! So I kept trying on different personalities, behaviors, and personas. None of them fit because, of course, those were already taken. It was several decades before I began to discover True Self. Teachers came into my life to guide me into the unfolding of my True Self. Learning that, like you, I am a wonder of creation and that there is no one on the planet just like me, continues to be a wonder-filled experience.

You are love manifesting in human form. You are infinitely and unconditionally loved. You are a symphony. You are Wonderful.

It can be a challenge to embrace your own wonderfulness. On a recent day, when fatigue overtook me, feeling wonderful was not my experience. I felt spent and flat and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. It slowly dawned on me how differently I was responding to everything I was feeling. There was a time when I would have cried most of the day, feeling depressed and judging myself for my lack of gratitude and happiness. This was different. The fatigue was appropriate and the “depression” was physical. Hard work on every level had depressed the energy available for me to continue. Mentally and emotionally I was quiet and peaceful, knowing my body just sat down and refused to do one more thing without a full day of rest. The next day I felt like me! And that was wonderful!

Think. Feel. Know. The Wonder of You simply is. Find it. Believe it. Let that shine.

You aren’t there yet? Wonderful! Trust the process because you are unfolding. You don’t have teachers to guide you? Ask them to come to you. As you wait, get yourself ready. Do what you know to do now. Do it simply and consistently. You are unfolding. Explore the internet. I have never met the teachers who most powerfully influenced me early in my conscious experience. I learned through books and tapes. The internet did not yet exist. Truth is coming to you in many forms. Let it come. You are unfolding and, once begun, the unfolding happens, Period.

I love you. You are loved. You are love manifesting in human form. You are wonderful.


Our physical, mental, and emotional bodies are designed for balance and wholeness. Talk of proper diet, sufficient exercise, sunshine, and water abound. It isn’t very often the conversation of sufficient rest arises. Human beings have decided, for the most part, that multi-tasking is a necessity and technology has taken this practice to unbelievable extremes.

Eating out is an education. Look around at other diners, even in gourmet restaurants. It is common to see people sitting together at a table using phones and tablets, never interacting or looking at one another. I’m not thinking of a group of friends sharing memories of favorite books and films. Someone picks up their phone and verifies the exact title or cast of characters or shares pictures of a recent adventure. That enhances conversation and can even quicken our memories of other details to be shared. I’m thinking of times when I was not able to interact with someone at a table because they never stopped texting. They say they are present with us but they are not.

Do they ever let their eyes, fingers, or brains rest? Rest is vital to mental, emotional, and physical health. When we rest (sleep is included but not the only way to rest), the body-mind goes into restoration mode. Muscles soften, blood flows more freely. Energy is available for releasing toxins, healing injuries and replacing dying cells. It is a wonder to think about the many processes that are supported and enhanced when I take the time to sit down and put my feet up.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stop for an hour in order to rest. When I was working full-time, I tried to leave my desk for five minutes every hour. I would walk outside, look at the sky and take slow, deep breaths. For those few moments, all that existed was the air on my skin, the sky, plants or birds. When I returned to my desk, my clarity and productivity obviously increased. I was calmer, friendlier and more available to co-workers. When sitting is what you do all day, gentle movement becomes a source of rest.

Rest is a necessity rather than a luxury. The immune system is always working but when you are injured or ill, it needs much more energy to return you to health. Where is that additional energy going to come from if you are doing everything you normally do? What would happen if, when you felt the early signs of illness, you unplugged and made a pot of nourishing soup? What would happen if you slept on and off for an entire day and had a cup of that soup every hour or so? Not sure? Try it. You might be surprised. You might also give others the gift of not sharing whatever your immune system is going after.

Rest is also necessary in times of emotional intensity, whether due to profound joy or profound sorrow. Emotions trigger physical responses like the release of adrenalin or a drop in blood sugar levels. Changes in chemical balance affect mental acuity as well. Learning to let something go, even briefly, while immersing yourself in beautiful music or laughing with a friend can support restoration of balance and prevent illness.

All the “doing” in the world cannot replace the love and joy I feel when you quietly look into my eyes and we actually see one another. If you are too exhausted or distracted to be present with the very people you want to share life with, what is accomplished by all that activity? My Native American teachers have shown me that being healthy and happy, living from my True Self, is the best gift I give to my “tribe.”

Please find a place in your day for rest. You deserve to be nurtured and, if you aren’t giving that to yourself, how will you have anything left to give to others? No one else can give you this gift; you must give it to yourself. Please?