If I recognize I am judging you, I know I am judging myself.

If I find it difficult to love myself, I will find it difficult to love you.

If I am not loving you, I am not loving myself.

If I do not know that the very essence of my being is Love, I will not see Love in you.


Knowing that True Love is not a thought or a feeling.

True Love is the spark of the Divine that is the very essence of my being and of your being. Thoughts and feelings cloud, confuse, and complicate that truth.

When I am in a place of oneness within myself and you are in a place of oneness within yourself, we are truly one. (This, dear hearts, is the definition of “Namaste.”)

When I am in a place of oneness with mySelf – my Soul, my God-Self, the Divine that gives me life – then I am Love Itself. This is when loving myself and you becomes the natural flow of life because, when I look into your eyes, I see mySelf; I see Love.


Me In The Giant Redwood

Once a long time ago, during an extremely challenging moment in my life, I visited the Redwood Forest in Northern California. Even though I was not alone, everyone grew quiet, as did I, walking the path among the trees. Several were on the ground. I stood next to one that had fallen and, on its side, it was taller than my 5’8″ frame. The quiet soothed my soul, my mind, and my heart. The life force energy of the trees towering above me was palpable and I felt as though I could feel them breathing.

On the path leading back to the parking area, I came upon a Redwood with an opening in its trunk. The opening did not go through the tree. It was inviting and I walked toward it, touching the bark on its sides as I approached. I looked inside and it was clean and had a fresh aroma to it. I stepped inside and felt myself gasp softly. I was standing inside a Redwood tree! The top of the curved opening skimmed my hair as I turned my palms outward to rest against its “skin.” Closing my eyes, I was transported to another level of awareness. I felt the flow of my breath and the beat of my heart – both quiet and gentle. The life force energy of the tree pulsed into my hands and I remember thinking “I can feel you breathing! I can sense the flow of sap, of life running through you!”

I do not know how much time passed. It didn’t matter to me; nothing mattered except the oneness I was experiencing. “I” disappeared as did “Tree.” There was only the One. Later I realized that I had, in those moments, known the truth of non-duality. Everything is one thing.

At one point I knew that, should I so choose, I conly disappear into that tree. The oneness would become a physical reality and I could share life with that tree until it’s years came to an end. I breathed deeply on the brink of full immersion and thought of the depth of oneness with my children. I could feel and see them so clearly in my heart. They would be left without ever knowing what had become of me; they would be told I “disappeared without a trace.” Ahimsa (Do no violence) came to mind, the fundamental principal of my yoga practice. My choice was made: this moment of non-dual bliss must not become the source of such emotional, mental trauma (violence) for my children. With soft tears flowing, I breathed awareness into my own body, my personality, my humanity.

Physically, I walked out of “Tree” and returned to “me.” On every other level, that bond, that sense of oneness, has remained these past 19 years. That day, in the giant Redwood, non-duality evolved from concept to reality. My gratitude abounds for my teacher whom I call “Tree.”

Everything is one thing.

The Karmic Journey of Life

This is where I find myself in my journey:

When presented with my own limitations, like old habits of circular thinking or thoughts of never getting it quite right, I go into my Soul’s peace, love, and rest. I accept myself and I love myself where I am today. This frees me to do the same toward others. I can love them and let them move through their karmic journey just as I am moving through mine.

I am beginning to see karma as a very positive process; it is bringing my consciousness to the levels necessary to fulfill the reason for being, i.e. To manifest my spirituality, the Divine Light and Love that I Am, while in human form.

It is a process. My intention is to be aware and present in it. It is not always comfortable but it is always beneficial to be present and aware. I am all that I am and that is all that I can be in any given moment.

Love is. Namaste.

Awareness is Key

Awareness is key. Knowing and abiding in the peace of my Soul can only truly happen when awareness expands into the Truth of knowing the Soul, the True Self. Then, the journey is about deepening awareness so that it fills the very cells of my body and floods the spaces between cells, atoms, etc.

I Just Am.

Whether in body or not, I Am. I feel this in meditation – not every time, but often. I am transported when in this level of awareness and I know that I know that state of being is real, beyond illusion, eternal.

I Just Am.


Many years ago, during a difficult time, I was talking with my son on the phone. As I told him what I was facing I said, “There must be a reason, a higher meaning,  for this happening and, someday, I will know what that is. Then I’ll know why I have to go through this.” He didn’t say anything right away and I grew silent. Then he spoke slowly and gently saying, ” Mom, what if there isn’t any greater purpose in this? What if this is just the way life is sometimes.” His words struck deep within me and I told him I had to hang up and think about what he said.

My children have often been a source of wisdom in my life. It took some time and the willingness to wait in silence to become clear about what my Soul was resonating with in the situation I just wrote about above. Didn’t everything have a deeper meaning & purpose, especially suffering? Wasn’t I supposed to always look for the higher purpose & meaning in what I was experiencing? If there wasn’t a higher purpose, how could I endure?

Except…how had I come to define my divine purpose in existing?  I defined it this way: I am a spiritual being currently having a human experience. I am learning how to be divinely human.

How could I possibly do that if I was in resistance to experiencing human life? Life as it is, with all its ups and downs, blessings and challenges. Life is what it is…and I am here to experience it. Sometimes there is no other explanation; there is only acceptance that, in this moment, this is what life is. It may not seem possible but this acceptance of the present moment, whatever it contains, brings peace. Hope follows peace because life also shifts; it ebbs and flows so this too shall pass and I will experience what comes next.

AUM SHANTI (transcending peace)


There is a stillness within me this morning and I am grateful.

Stillness of mind and heart is far from emptiness.

It is a quiet fullness that requires nothing but Itself.

It simply is.

Speak Your Truth


First, you must know Your Truth. Truth transcends opinion. It is not about religion or politics or ideology.

Truth is Who I Am on the most fundamental level. My personal truth is that I Am a spiritual being who is currently having a human experience. My purpose is to discover on every level of awareness the Divine Love and Light that I Am and then to manifest that Divine Love and Light while in human form.

One of the nuances of this discovery and purpose is that it guides me in how to speak my truth. My practice is to speak my truth with love and compassion toward myself and others. Love and compassion toward myself requires me to set reasonable boundaries with others – boundaries that express self-respect on my part and that ask them to respect me. Love and compassion toward others requires me to communicate my boundaries gently and clearly rather than in a way that amounts to controlling their behavior. I can only ask that my boundaries be respected. Love does not force. Hopefully, trust develops as well as friendship, etc.

I cannot always have what I want; there may be a loved one that I long to invite into my inner circle but who does not respect and honor me. I will always love that person even though our relationship will be more distant, more on the surface that I would prefer. Love still prevails but with wisdom and self-respect. I respect myself enough to accept the current reality. I respect the other person enough to not force change, to not demand that they be someone they are not.

Know and Speak Your Truth with Love and Compassion for Yourself and Others. This may be the deepest experience of your spiritual journey, beloved.

The Voice of Your Soul

“Yogi” tea bags have sayings on the tags. The one I used yesterday had this one on it:

 The voice of your soul is breath.

In the creation story in the book of Genesis found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible it says that God formed man from the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.

The presence of the living soul within us came from the breath of God, the Divine. The breath is the sign of life in living beings. When the soul or spirit, the life force essence, leaves the body breathing stops. Soul or True Self has returned to its Source, the Divine Soul, All That Is.

My Soul makes itSelf known every time I take a breath. When I breathe consciously and slowly, I feel my Soul and I know my Oneness with All That Is. I know mySelf & I come into the Presence of the Divine.


One Barrier To Being Present

Recently, a lovely friend of mine said, “When I am self-conscious, I am not present.”

This was said during a conversation with a group of like-minded friends and we all stopped. As the group grew silent, I quietly asked her to repeat what she had just said. She smiled and said, “When I am self-conscious, I am not present.” Every single one of us wrote it down.

When I am self-conscious, I am not present.

mmm…not with you and not with mySelf, my Soul, the Divine.

May your mind and heart be open. May you be present in this moment and may you listen with your heart and apprehend Truth from your Soul. May you be present and may you know peace.