Where Perfection Is

From an article titled “How to Set Yourself Free from the Pursuit of Perfection” by Roger Gabriel:

Perfection is in the silent spaces between things – between our thoughts, our breaths, or in the stillness of a yoga pose. When you begin to recognize the spaces, you will recognize the perfection. Make space and time in your life for the perfection to shine through. Pause every once in a while, look at your life, and begin to recognize the perfection that is already there.

Our Self, our essence is already perfect, so when we begin to live from that level of being, the world we are projecting also becomes a reflection of our perfection. If you want to create perfection in your life, you must first find the perfection within yourself.

Trying to be perfect simply doesn’t work. As with all things, what we seek already exists within us.

What we seek already exists within us. May we turn within and see the Truth of Who We Are. May the Essence of Who We Are shine through for this is perfection itself.



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